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In the quest to attain the status of a developed country by the year of 2020, greater emphasis must be given to the retraining and skills upgrading of the workforce. This is necessary not only to increase the knowledge and intensity of the workforce, but also to equip them with specialised and up-to-date skills as production techniques become increasingly automated and businesses becoming more competitive. Retraining and skills upgrading is also of paramount importance to enhance the quality of the workforce so that is versatile and adaptable to the changing technological and business environment.



Introduced by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) on 2 July 2009. Under this scheme, employers can apply and eligible for financial assistance in getting recognition for their employees’ skills and experiences according to the competency level of the employee in enhancing the number of skilled workers in the national labour market.

RPL Scheme was implemented by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) is to enable workers to get recognition on their skills and competency according to the level determined by the Department of Skills Development (DSD). It is also to support the effort by the Ministry of Human Resources in implementing Malaysia Skills Certification (SKM) through RPL scheme. This scheme will also encourage workers with skills and experience to apply Malaysia Skills Certification (SKM), Malaysia Diploma Skills (DKM) or Malaysia Advanced Diploma Skills (DLKM) according to their competency levels.

Employers are required to submit their applications using form PSMB/PPT/1/09 together with one (1) copy of the form “Enrollment and On-site Job Analysis Form for Accreditation Prior Achievements” issued by DSD (PSA) prior the assessment by DSD. Employers are allowed to claim in multiple levels of certification according to the sequence of certification level determined by DSD.

Employers must submit the application after obtaining endorsement of the assessment from DSD by submitting form PSMB/PPT/T/1/09 together with one (1) copy of form JPK/PPT/1/1003 for every worker.



This scheme enable employers to obtain financial assistance at the rate of 100% if the employer sponsor student from university, college or training institution for practical training at their premise. However, the financial assistance granted subjected to a maximum of 20% of total levy balance at the time of application.

Employers must obtain prior approvals from PSMB before commencement of training programme. The objective of this scheme is to expose the student to work experiences as well as ethics at the workplace and also to provide employer with a skillful future workers.


Terms And Condition

* Employers are required to submit their application prior to commencement of the training

* A trainee who has withdrawn during the first two weeks of the training programme can be replace

* ‘Allowable costs’ that is eligible for training grant are Monthly allowances for trainees up to a maximum of RM500 per trainee, personal protective equipment (one set only) course fees ifemployers send trainees for skills enhancement training programmes and Insurance coverage (if any)

* The minimum duration of the industrial training programme should be at least 3 months and the maximum duration 8 months



The purpose of this scheme is to increase the supply of skilled workers to the industry; jointly determined by PSMB and the industry concerned. The scheme also enables employers registered with PSMB to be actively involved.

Target Group
The apprentices are selected from PMR or SPM school leavers and dropout students.

Selection Of Apprentice
Selection of apprentice will be through interview session conducted by the employer and PSMB.

Training Method
The training is a combination of theory and practical at approved training centres with emphasis on practical and structured “on-the-job” training at the premises of sponsoring employers. The curriculums have been developed on modular basis. After the completion of a combination of modules at the training centres, apprentices will undergo on-the-job training at the premises of sponsoring employers to reinforce the theoretical concepts learnt.

Training Duration
The duration of training ranges from 9 to 27 months, depending on the requirement of the industry.

Training Fee
Training fees incurred will be fully paid by PSMB.

Monthly Allowance
With effect from 1 April 2012, the allowance of apprentices under PSMB Apprenticeship Scheme has been increased to RM500.00 per month. This new rate is applicable during the off-the-job and on-the-job component for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeship programmes conducted by PSMB. The allowance will be deducted from employers’ levy accounts.

The eligibility for full payment of the allowances depends on apprentice’s attendance. Apprentice will be paid the full allowance of RM500.00 if their attendance is 80% and above. The allowance will be prorated based on the number of training days if the attendance is less than 80%.

Responsibilities Sponsoring Employers
Apart from apprentice’s monthly allowances, consumables material during on-the-job training, sponsoring employers are also responsible for insurance coverage of apprentices during the entire programme. Sponsoring employers are eligible to claim financial assistance at the rate of 100% of the allowable costs, (apprentices’ monthly allowances, insurance coverage and consumables, if applicable).

Upon successful completion of training, apprentices will be awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3( based on programme) by the Department of Skills Development and Apprenticeship Certificates issued by PSMB.


 Programme Offered

1.    Mechatronics

2.    Hotel Industry Wood Based (Furniture)

3.    Plastics Injection Moulding

4.    Tool & Die (Mould)

5.    Tool & Die (Press Tool)

6.    Industrial Sewing Machine Technician

7.    Multimodal Transport Operator



Special Training Programmes with 100% financial assistance are organised by PSMB in collaboration with training providers such as Industrial Training Institutes (ILP), Centre for Instructor and Advanced Skills Training (CIAST), Advanced Technology Training Centre (ADTEC) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These programmes are mostly technical base which will improve workers skills level at the same time increase company productivity.

Training programmes offered are:-

a)    Business Finance For SME Entrepreneurs & Managers

b)    Certificate In Industrial Relations

c)    Coaching & Mentoring For Performance Improvement

d)    Customer Relationship Skills

e)    Effective Sales Strategies Programme

f)     Evaluation On Effectiveness Of Training

g)    Expanding Your Market Programme

h)    IT Security Management

i)     IT Security Practices

j)     Problem Solving & Creativity

k)    Train The Trainer

l)     Web Designing


PSMB will circulate training brochures to registered employers from time  to time. Registration forms must be submitted before the stipulated closing date.

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