Nasional Occupational Skills Standard

National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) is defined as a specification of competencies expected of a skilled worker who is gainfully employed in Malaysia for an occupational area, level and pathway to achieve the competencies. It was developed together with the industrial experts in line with the provisions under National Skills Development Act 2006 (Act 652).

The NOSS will provides opportunities to community and industry to get services offered by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) and other related agencies such as :

Benefit of NOSS

For Employers :

i.        Guidance for preparing job specifications

ii.        Enhances quality, productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

iii.        Better return to investment in training.

iv.        Reduce cost of retraining

v.        Enhance workers’ understanding by providing a clear picture of their area of work.

vi.        Determines the criteria for appraisal of workers.

For Workers:

i.        Know competencies that they must have to succeed in their careers

ii.        Make more appropriate decisions on training required to enhance career in future

iii.        Embark on their tasks more easily

iv.        Attain higher level of performance and contribute to the success of the company

For Instructors :

i.        Obtain a clear understanding of the skills that workers must have

ii.        Develop curriculums and training programs that are precise, suitable and meet current market needs

iii.        Provide useful career advice to trainees

iv.        Update training programs to meet the changing needs of the industry.

n ossHow to get NOSS?

NOSS can be obtained from any DSD Office by paying RM20.00 in the form of bank draft or money order payable to “Ketua Pengarah Pembangunan Kemahiran”.

More info about NOSS :