Recognition of Prior Achievement (RPA) or formerly known as Accreditation of Prior Achievement is a means to give recognition to any individual who can demonstrate skills that have been outlined in the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) based on previous experience and achievement held.

This method was first introduced as a method of Malaysian Skills Certification on 13 September 1996 aims to give recognition to the skilled workers the country where this method emphasizes the concept of lifelong learning. This process can help individuals to assess and develop their learning have gained formal or informal.

All employees of industry and manufacturing sector are eligible period of work experience in related fields and other conditions specified. Industrial workers who are eligible will be awarded a Certificate to the highest level in accordance with their respective areas as stated in the National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS).


Open to anyone who has the skills and knowledge without regard to when, how and where it is obtained either through work experience, life experience or training (formal or informal).


Benefits to individuals

  • Opportunity to receive recognition and gives the satisfaction and motivation to improve themselves;
  • Certificate in a short time (no need to attend classes / training / sat for the test) and
  • Can contribute to career development.

Benefits to employers

  • Improve productivity and performance;
  • Save costs for employee training and certification, and
  • Enhance the company image

Benefit to the country

  • Increasing the number of qualified talent;
  • Generating the industrial sector with the increase in skilled workforce;
  • Country’s image in the eyes of the world in terms of services and products, and
  • Attracts foreign investors to invest in the country


Industrial workers who wish to seek approval for every experience and skills acquired, shall fill the Application Form Recognition of Prior Achievement (APA) [JPK/PPT/1001 (P1)] which can be printed onwww.dsd.gov.my. Each application shall be submitted to the Director General of Skills Development in conjunction with other support as may be prescribed, namely:

  1. Application Form for Recognition of Prior Achievement (APA) [JPK/PPT/1001 (P1)] is completed;
  2. Payment of application;
  3. A copy of applicant;
  4. Letter of confirmation of employers with work experience in relevant areas of expertise;
  5. A copy of the highest SKM owned (if any) and
  6. Other documents related.