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1. What is NOSS?

The acronym NOSS stands for National Occupational Skills Standards. NOSS is a document that outlines the dexterity required of an employee working in Malaysia at a certain level of employment to achieve specific skills.

Definisi NOSS

Singkatan daripada National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) atau Standard Kemahiran Pekerjaan Kebangsaan. NOSS adalah dokumen yang menggariskan ketrampilan yang diperlukan oleh seseorang pekerja mahir yang bekerja di Malaysia bagi sesuatu bidang dan tahap pekerjaan serta laluan untuk mencapai ketrampilan tersebut.

Main Features NOSS

  1. Career-Based.
  2. Follows the career structure of a given field.
  3. Prepared by a pool of industry experts and skilled workers who carry out the job.
2.  The Benefit and Use of NOSS

Skills Standards benefit all stakeholders. The success of a Standards development project will be useful to the community and depends on the full participation and commitment of all stakeholders. This benefit can be used as a benchmark to evaluate the effectiveness of the joint effort.

Importance to Employers

  1. Determine the level of skills of the workforce
  2. Guide to list the duties and scope of work
  3. Evaluation of employee performance
  4. Save cost and time to retrain workers
  5. Improve/enhance the quality of productivity, innovation and competitiveness
Importance to Workers/Employees
  1. Provide information on scope of work clearly
  2. Provide information on career opportunities in related sectors
  3. Help in career advancement
  4. Be the benchmark for performance
  5. Make the right decision for appropriate training for relevant career advancement /li>
  6. Allow employees to undergo training in a flexible manner based on the appropriate competency unit<
 Importance to Skills Training Institute /Trainer/Instructor
  1. Development of an appropriate training curriculum which meets industry needs
  2. The training centre may design a full-time training program or one customized to industry needs
  3. Have a clearer understanding of the skills required by the industry
  4. Basic assessment of re- training needs of instructors/trainers to meet current industry needs
  5. Proper career advice may be given effectively to trainees.
3.  List of NOSS
icon document   NOSS List That Has Been Reviewed
icon pdf   Latest NOSS - 7 Ogos 2019
icon pdf   IR 4.0 Related NOSS

4.  NOSS Guidelines and Form

1 NOSS Proposal Form Filing Guide Download
2 National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) Brochure Download
3 Procedure for Obtaining SKPK Download
4 Garis Panduan Pelaksanaan Pemetaan Program Berasaskan Standard Kemahiran Pekerjaan Kebangsaan 2015 Download
5 Borang Mohon Pembangunan NOSS Download
5. Occupational Framework (OF) - Kemaskini terkini: 13 Februari 2020
6. Question Development Guidelines Panduan 2017 Edition (WIM 2017)  
7. WIM Examples


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